Case Studies

“Just found one email among 36,000 others and saved 150k in fees, @newforma is awesome!”

“More and more, clients are getting more demanding. Newforma software provides easy-to-use ways to make sure we can better serve clients without sacrificing design time.”

“Leverage Newforma Project Center to promote repeatable best practices across project teams and between offices.”

“Newforma software provides considerable advantages on complex, large-scale projects and their numerous potential risk issues.”

“Time savings alone generate an annual return on investment of 4X.”

“Newforma software enables us to do more with less. We’re more responsive; we produce higher quality documentation and more organized audit trails; at the same time, we’ve eliminated many manual and error-prone steps from the process.”

“We are entering a period of growth – more employees and larger projects with dispersed project teams. We need greater control of our project information and processes. Newforma has provided an integrated solution for this control.”

“Of all the benefits Newforma products generate, we most value the risk reduction that comes with improved project information management.”

“We needed a program that allowed us to search quickly, get the information, get it onto the drawings and get it out of here. Newforma Project Center does that for us.”

“The 3D design review and collaboration features of our PIM software, Newforma Project Center, have been invaluable in enabling our transition to the world of BIM-based design.”

“I recently had to pull up an old email to resolve a disagreement. I had an email from June 2007 that cleared up the confusion. And I found it while we were on the phone!”

“To deliver superior service, we must bridge gaps wherever they exist. We’ve invested in Newforma software to track issues, share project information, and find the most current communications and files almost as if everyone was in the same office.”

“Great service brings repeat business. That’s why we’ve invested in Newforma software – to ensure the best service in the industry”

“The fast, high-quality responses made possible by Newforma software contribute to our ability to honour our commitments and take care of clients.”

“Our business is more competitive than ever. To make sure clients continue to give us repeat business, we’ve invested in Newforma Project Center software to shorten response times and reduce the risk of mistakes.”

“We’ve slashed hours, and in some cases days, from the time it takes to publish, QA and issue large drawing set revisions from Revit.”

“The ability to track all correspondence and provide proof of receipt of the distributed information saves our clients time and money.”

“Newforma LeanPlanner supports Turner’s efforts to bring focus and improved communications to project team meetings, resulting in efficiencies for our subcontractors and clients.”

“Improved project coordination has helped us avoid some potentially ugly disputes.”

“The Newforma Submittal solution reduced our processing time to 1/10th of our previous solution.”

“Newforma is giving us a competitive advantage by connecting field operations with office operations. That integration is a big win for us.”

“By cutting up to 40 percent from construction administration processing time, Newforma Project Cloud recaptures as many as 10 hours a week to be on the site, managing the project.”

“When both the architect and general contractor use Newforma software, we’ve seen significant productivity gains in the execution of the project. We’ve won new business targeting architects who also use Newforma.”

“The Newforma Plans app enables SSFM to efficiently monitor the jobsite. We have eliminated confusion by assuring we always have complete and current plans and specifications available on-site.”

“Newforma Project Cloud has slashed time wasted on busywork. Hours spent copying comments, printing, shipping, and filing are free to serve clients and move the project forward.”

“Not only does Newforma Project Cloud provide tangible contract administration time-savings benefits, but it also results in harder-to-measure payback like eliminating lost, damaged and destroyed project documents.”